Daniel Greyber is rabbi at Beth El Synagogue in Durham, NC, author of Faith Unravels: A Rabbi’s Struggle with Grief and God and recently served as Team USA Rabbi at the 19th World Maccabiah Games in Israel. Formerly a Jerusalem Fellow at the Mandel Leadership Institute, faculty member at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles and the Executive Director of Camp Ramah in California, he currently serves on the editorial board of Conservative Judaism. His articles have been featured in a wide range of Jewish publications, with work published in Dancing on the Edge of the World: Jewish Stories of Inspiration and Love (Lowell House Press, 2000) and Many Ways into God’s Palace: Essays in Honor of the 36th Anniversary of the Library Minyan (Temple Beth Am, 2008), along with CJ Voices magazine, Conservative Judaism, Midstream Magazine, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, and other Jewish periodicals.

Rabbi Greyber received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Northwestern University. He attended rabbinical school at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. While in rabbinical school, Rabbi Greyber founded the Neshama Minyan at Temple Beth Am, in Los Angeles, and started LISHMA, an egalitarian yeshiva study summer program for young adult Jews co-sponsored by the Ziegler School and Camp Ramah in California. Rabbi Greyber is married to Jennifer, and is the father of their three sons, Alon, Benjamin, and Ranon.

For more information about Rabbi Greyber, visit www.rabbigreyber.com and for more information about Faith Unravels, visit www.faithunravels.com.